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Replica Rolex Watches captured the essence and joy of summer in the Greek islands in this limited-edition series of 10 pieces from the ARRAW Marine Collection. These timepieces are inspired by some of Mykonos' most famous symbols, including the blue of Aegean Sea, the Greek windmills, and the powerful rocks that make up the Cyclades Island.

Every Replica Rolex Watches Mykonos case is crafted from grade 5 titanium and comes with the rubber RJ Bumpers that are the hallmark of the ARRAW collection. RJ created the unique composite bezel by combining sand and a high-performance resin. The case is secured with a metal grid that resembles the iconic Mykonos windmills.

The replica watches rolex Marine Mykonos dial treatment involves many stages. It starts with sun-bathing, then is galvanized, then gradient-painted, and finally, it is coated with transparent lacquer. This hue is both the color of Mykonos and the ocean. To coordinate with the satin-finished, arrow-shaped hands, the chronograph counters were rhodium-plated. This ensures that limited-editions of the Replica Rolex Watches family are faithful.

The self-winding RJ-2040 chronograph movement has a 30-minute counter at nine o’clock, a 12-hour counter at six o’clock and a date aperture at six o’clock. There is also a small seconds counter at three o’clock. The sapphire crystal transparent case back lets you see the oscillating weight. It was designed to be a reference to the Mykonos windmills.

swiss Replica Rolex Watches has a blue alligator leather strap. It has been hand patinated to reflect the casual elegance that is typical of life in the Greek islands. For comfort and durability, the rubber insert has been added to the underside of this strap. A black rubber bracelet is included with the special edition watch. It's perfect for water sports and swimming. The interchangeable strap system makes it easy to change the strap. The ARRAW collection's signature feature is the ability to release the strap and install an alternative strap with just a click.

The ARRAW Marine collection is inspired by the ocean. The first limited-edition Replica Rolex Watches series is a new take on this maritime theme. "We chose to reinterpret some of the Replica Rolex Watches codes and give the 10-piece series the exotic appeal of Mykonos. It is one of the most beautiful seaside destinations in all of Europe," said Marco Tedeschi (CEO and Creative Director at RJ).

discount Replica Rolex Watches in special edition will be made available worldwide. They will only be sold in the Kessaris shops on Nammos Beach and Mykonos.